10 things that need to go from your wardrobe

September 01, 2013

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I was clearing out my wardrobe the other day and found a few clothes lying in one corner, some of which i don't even remember buying, or even if i did, i hadn't worn them since ages and some were just plain ancient. They were just unnecessarily taking up space in my closet and had to be cleared out. De-cluttering your wardrobe has to one of the most tiring tasks. What to keep? What needs to go? Does this fit me anymore? Is this in? Does this colour look good on me? WHEN DID I BUY THIS? Gosh! Confusion and more confusion. This problem is something which is very commonly faced by everyone. An organized and clutter-free closet makes things very easy! It helps you to choose your outfits more conveniently and helps you to ditch saying "I have nothing to wear!" while standing in front of a closet full of clothes. Here's a list of items that you probably have lying somewhere in your closet and you need to bid goodbye to and deport them to Trashland! You might as well use it as a checklist of sorts to clear out unwanted and definitely outdated items from your wardrobe!

1. Cargo pants

Does this even need an explanation? These multi-pocket, baggy pants are not flattering to a woman's body at all. Toss them out already!

2. Worn out clothes and accesories

This one's an obvious yet it's something we overlook at times. You should check clothes and accessories for runs, loose threads, wear and tear etc from time to time. If it's reparable then you can consider keeping it but some defects are beyond repair (like huge holes, permanent food stains, iron burns etc). Some are just worn to death and are very old. You know what to do then. Out they go!

3. Clothes that don't fit

 Time keeps changing and with that so does our body. Clothes that fit perfectly and looked great a few years ago may not fit or flatter your body anymore. You can always alter loose clothes but we are not left with much of an option with tight clothes. And even with loose clothes, it's rare that after altering them you'll get a perfect fit. There's no point in piling your wardrobe. 

4. The "invisible" strap bra

Like who even invented these things? There's no such thing as an "invisible" strap. You can see it, we all can see it. We can see how awful it looks. Burn em'! Go for strapless bras instead.

5. Knee length capris

This is something many of you will disagree with. But seriously knee length or even an inch or two below knee length capris are not in anymore. They look outdated. Ankle length capris and cropped pants are the way to go.

6. Bubble hem skirts and dress

Bubble hems were never stylish and nor are they now. They add unnecessary volume to our hips and look plain tacky. A BIG fashion no-no! Wear skater, pencil and midi skirts instead.

7. Crocs

If you do own these monstrosities, were you held at gun point and were forced to buy them? Coz that's the only valid reason i can think of! Nuff' said.

8. Uggs

These "elephant feet" were a rage when they came out, with every girl sporting them. Sure, they're warm and comfy but why would someone want their feet to look 10x bigger and shapeless is beyond me. There are better and definitely more stylish options of boots you can opt for to keep your feet warm during the winters. The "ughs" need to go!

9. Ed hardy tees

Must I specify the reasons why this should be tossed out the window? Ed hardy t-shirts are overpriced, loud, garish and look outright tacky. Oh and did I mention tacky?

10. Drop crotch harem pants

Even those Louboutins couldn't salvage these pants. These "diaper pants" have been endorsed by numerous celebs. That does not make them any fashionable. Not one bit. How weird it is to have a whole lotta saggy fabric dangling between your legs. Besides, they make your body proportions look haywire. Go for palazzo pants instead. So comfy yet so chic!

Don't own any of the items featured here and still have a cluttered closet? What now? You can try the "impromptu shopping trick"! While looking at your clothes to clear out, think you're at a shopping spree that very moment. Would you buy that outfit if you were shopping right now? If no, you know you have to toss it out. Easy! 

Still nothing? Just turn every hanger in your closet backwards. Whenever you wear something, put the hanger back the right way. After a year, remove all those clothes still hanging in the backward hanger! 

Tell me what are you clearing out from your wardrobe?

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