Splurge vs Steal

September 30, 2013

Splurge vs steal

Ever walked into a store and saw something you couldn't take your eyes off and think you just have to buy it? But.... you look at the price, gasp, sigh and quietly put it back! It happens to everyone. How you wish you could magically zap all the lust-worthy clothes, accesories and shoes you see on your favorite celeb, on the runway, in a high end designer store or heck, even on Pinterest, right into your closet. Well, you could do that. Sort of. Not by magic but by looking for inexpensive alternatives and lookalikes of your favorite luxury pieces in your highstreet stores. Never underestimate the power of highstreet! They've got some serious fashion! You don't have to necessarily burn the bank to look fabulous. Sometimes happiness is found in your very own backyard... I mean, highstreet store! Check out what can you steal from the real:

Splurge: Christian Louboutin Pigalle flats - $1095
Steal: River Island spiked flats - $48

Splurge: Chloe studded boots - $1345
Steal: NLY Lincoln buckle boots - $150

Splurge: Valentino Rockstud tote - $1686
Steal: Michael Kors - $428

Splurge: Gucci Ursula gladiator sandals - $850
Steal: River Island ankle strap sandals - $48

Splurge: Jimmy Choo glitter candy clutch - $725 (in gold version)
Steal: Lulu Townsend glitter clutch - $60

There are many more highstreet alternatives of designer items. What are your favorites? Tell me via the comments section.

I will be regularly posting "Splurge vs Steal" posts. Might as well make it a new section! ;) Watch this space for more!

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