Top 12 picks from Isabel Marant for H&M collection

November 23, 2013

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The much awaited "Isabel Marant for H&M" collection is finally here! And it sure doesn't disappoint! True to the French designer's effortless, bohemian chic style, the collection is filled with laid back coats, beaded jackets, fringe boots, leather trousers and anything but girly colours, sprinkled with a healthy dose of metallic! This affordable collection sure is a winner with each piece more lust-worthy than the next! Here are my favorite pieces from the collection:

1. Jacket - £199.99 (I loooove! I waaant! Nowww! )

2. Fringed boots - £149.99 (So chic and lust worthy!)

3. Leather pants - £69.99 (Hello, biker chic!)

3. Gold dress - £69.99 (I think I know exactly what to wear at a new year's party!)

4. White jeans - £59.99 (Love the monochrome chevron side strips!)

5. Blazer - £79.99 (Tuxedo blazer with a twist. Love it!)

6. Pumps - £99.99 (Went straight to my want list!)

7. Sequinned pants - £149.99 (Sure to make a statement!)

8. Black dress - £69.99 (You can never go wrong with a classic LBD, No sir!)

9. Grey coat - £99.99 (Good ol' warm, grey winter coat! Only, trendier!)

10. Black leather pants - £179.99 (Corsety, Not-so-basic black leather pants! So edgy and fun!)

11. Top - £59.99 (A chic white top + basic blue jeans = Timeless combination)
12. Skirt - £49.99 (Metallic skirt. This year's hot trend!)

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So, your thoughts on this collection? What are your favorite pieces? Tell me via the comments section.

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