15 fashion myths busted

January 22, 2014

Over the years, fashion has evolved greatly. Trends have changed. Some of them keep coming back, some of them fade. What hasn't changed are the various rules, misconceptions, pre-conceived notions about what is fashion and it's "rules", to be precise. Here are 15 common fashion myths, debunked:

Myth 1. Maxi dresses aren't meant for short girls.

Truth: Petite girls can equally rock a maxi dress as tall girls by wearing a light, flowy maxi and pairing it with wedge heels, platform heels etc. A side slit or a high low maxi will also look great on petite frames.

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Myth 2. Denim on denim is a fashion faux pas.

Truth: It's high time this myth gets debunked. Denim on denim is one trend you should definitely embrace by pairing different shades of denims together. It gives a cool, easy vibe to your look. 

Photo via songofstyle.com

Myth 3. Horizontal stripes make you look wide.

Truth: This is a very common cliche. If the outfit is well fitted and and well-made like a classic striped shirt or a feminine skirt you dont have to worry about anything. Stripes are in fact, very trendy and chic.

Photo via streetstyling.tumblr.com

Myth 4. No leather in summers.

Truth: As long as you don't go overboard and restrict your outfit to one leather piece like a light-weight skirt, shorts or a sleeveless biker jacket, you can totally rock this trend in the summers. 

Photo via sissyalamode.com

Myth 5. Don't mix gold and silver together.

Truth: When it comes to jewelry, mixing metals looks very fresh and fashion forward. You can mix bracelets, rings and earrings in various shades of gold and silver. Have some more fun and throw in some rose gold too! 

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Myth 6. Sequins and embellishments are only meant for parties and night events

Truth: The trick to looking effortlessly chic and working sequins during the day time is to pair a sequinned skirt with a sweater or shirt and a pair of ankle booties. Feeling more experimental? Pair it with oxfords or brogues to give it a twist.

Myth 7. Match your bag with your shoes and belt

Truth: This fashion rule is so outdated and boring that it's almost ancient! Mix and match and experiment with a variety of colours and wear what looks best on you. "Colour-blocking" is the operative word here.

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Myth 8. Mixing two prints together looks gaudy.

Truth: Mixing prints together, on the contrary, is a very fresh and super now trend. It's all about letting loose and experimenting with various prints. Pair polka dots with florals, stripes with leopard prints and so on. You're sure to make a statement.

Photo via trendencias.com

Myth 9. Sweatshirts should be limited to the gym

Truth: Sweatshirts are soon becoming one of the favorite clothing items of fashion bloggers and insiders. It gives an unexpected and trendy twist to any outfit. It's actually very versatile. Pair it with a skater skirt, midi skirt, shorts or regular jeans, it looks equally great!

Blogger Andy Torres of Style Scrapbook breaks three fashion myths in a go, sweatshirts outside the gym, sequins at daytime and mismatched bag and shoes. Looove!

Myth 10. The same goes for sweatpants

Truth: Sweatpants have been a rage in recent times and actually look pretty trendy if they are well fitted and are paired with pointed pumps, booties and sandals. No kidding!

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Myth 11.Navy and black don't go together

Truth: This myth prevails because both the colours are very similar so it almost looks like a mistake pairing them together. However, I beg to differ from this myth. I think they look great. They have been a rage at the runways with many designers creating outfits using a navy-black combination.

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Myth 12. Nor do pink and red

Truth: These two colours are very eye-catching and when paired together, they look chic and trendy. You can make a chic statement by pairing a red wide leg pant or midi skirt with a fuschia top and vice versa.

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Myth 13. Pumps and socks are not meant to be worn together. Too "school girlish"

Truth: Some folks might be apprehensive about pairing pumps and socks together and many may find it a fashion disaster. It isn't. When styled the right way you can make an utterly chic and eye grabbing statement. It is a rage on the ramps, fashion bloggers, street style folks and insiders. For instance, Chanel, in its Spring Summer 2014 collection has introduced Sock Pumps.

 Photo via stylecaster.com

Myth 14. White should not be worn during winter

Truth: This is hogwash! As long as you're not wearing cotton, chiffon, linen and other light fabrics, white can pretty much look like a breath of fresh air during winters. You can go for white wool sweater, leather jackets and pants, cashmere etc.

Photo via wmagazine.com

Myth 15. Fashion rules MUST be followed

Truth: Fashion is a statement of who you are. Your clothes define you. Don't blindly believe in "fashion rules" because those are what everyone's following. You break em' and create your own trends and styles that reflect your personality. So next time you're pondering over whether to wear white after Labour day or contemplating on wearing socks with pumps or a bold, wacky print, just do the damn thing and work it! To quote Yves Saint Laurent, "Fashions fade. Style remains eternal." 

Have i missed a myth? Tell me your views via the comments section. 

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