15 wardrobe essentials every woman must own

May 19, 2014

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"I have enough clothes. I don't think i'll need any more!", Said no woman. Ever. In this world driven by fast changing fashion trends, our lust for the best and the hottest things hanging in our closets increases several notches each year. What may seem hot this year, may be outdated (ancient even) the next year! (Yes 'Uggs', I'm looking at you!) 

However, some things are truly timeless and classic. You can wear the heck out of them for seasons to come but they will never go out of style. Whatever may be your style statement, these pieces can be styled in a million ways and cater to every fashion sensibilities. These are keys to a perfectly sorted and chic wardrobe. 

Read on to find out if you need to start from scratch or just need to add a few pieces here and there:

1. A plain white tee

2. Skinny jeans

3. Loafers

4. Pencil skirt

5. Ankle boots

6. Leather jacket

7. An LBD (Little Black Dress)

8. Nude pumps

9. Button down shirt

10. Statement jewelry

11. A classic black blazer

12. Structured everyday bag

13. Classic watch

14. Trench coat

15. Chic pair of sunglasses

Agree with the list? Have i missed something? Tell me via the comments section.

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