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September 09, 2014

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90s! What a glorious decade for fashion. It has its share of cringe-worthy ones and the timeless ones. Fashion trends as known to everyone, are a cycle. What goes back, comes around again. Some stay for eternity. Some fade. Speaking of which, some amazing fashion trends from the 90s have made a comeback and are here to stay. And we're loving it! Nothing like style with a touch of nostalgia and a dash of the 90s whimsy. Read on to find out some super chic 90s trends that are major now:


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These laid-back and oh so comfy sandals are all the rage yet again. Bloggers, models, actresses, street style stars and basically everyone's gaga about them. It is an unexpected trend and i for one haven't really warmed up to them (i may, sometime later.) but i must admit they can look trendy if styled with the right outfit. Pair them with boyfriend jeans or overalls (another major 90's trend) and you've nailed the look.


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Dungarees or overalls are so popular now and how! With every brand and designer capitalizing on the craze, and selling chic versions of this popular 90s trend. They give an unexpected twist to your look. Pair them with a crop top underneath and a pair of slipons for a majorly now look.

High waist jeans

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High waist jeans are all about the right tailoring and fit. Pair them with a crop top (but of course!) or an oversized half tucked shirt and a pair of ankle boots. Its does wonders for your waist! 

Dr. Martens

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The brand's boots though introduced in the 1960s, were at the height of popularity in the 90s with the dawn of the "grunge" phase. And they've always been pretty cool. And now you'll see every celeb, blogger, young music festival fans, et al sporting them. And whats not to love? Pair them with a leather skirt or shorts with a plaid shirt and voila, edginess redefined!

Crop tops

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These might as well be one of the most popular trend that have made a comeback. Crop tops come in a million styles and can be style in a zillion ways. Versatile much? Pair it with a high waist anything... skirt, shorts, jeans, pants. Just don't pair it with leggings, for obvious reasons.


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 Backpacks never really went away but the perception that they belong in schools, has died down. They've pretty ,much become a style statement with big names such as Chanel and Alexander Wang coming out with trendy and stylish backpacks which has everyone lusting for them. They are definitely here to stay!


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Who can forget Cher's iconic yellow, plaid suit from the movie Clueless. That movie is so timeless and a major inspiration for some serious 90s fashion. Plaid is one such trend that we can credit the movie, for making a comeback. Every designer has incorporated plaid in some or the other way in their collections. Every highstreet brand is selling plaid outfits. Its everywhere. Pair a plaid shirt with black denims and ankle boots. There are so many ways to wear plaid, you could write a book!

Have I missed something? What is your favorite 90s trend? I would love to hear from you in the comments section.

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