10 Make up mistakes you need to stop making

March 23, 2015

Make up is fascinating. Well, to most of us at least. (Btw I can totally picture the tomboys skipping this post. I get it.)
Tons of brands, products, brushes and tools to choose from. Not to mention the myriad of tips to keep in mind. All this can be a tad bit overwhelming at times. 
Makeup artists and bloggers have it all sorted. Lucky them. It takes a lot of time, practice and patience to reach make up level: Pro. While you're at it, you just need to avoid making these common makeup mistakes you probably didn't know you're making. Yes! You there, the lady who's OD'ing on bronzer, I'm looking at you.

 1. Mismatched foundation

This is the most common make up mistake. This is mainly due to the fact that you might be testing the foundation in the wrong lighting, on the back of your hand or your cheeks, which is the wrong method. The correct way is to test it on your jaw line. If you’re confused about the shades, find 2 to 3 shades which seem to match your complexion, swipe them on your jaw line, the one which disappears into your skin is the perfect match for you. Dark skinned people, don’t, I repeat don’t use a foundation lighter than your skin tone thinking you’ll lighten your complexion. It’ll only make you look grey and ashy. Learn to accept and be happy in your skin because trust me, every skin color is beautiful. :)

2. Applying concealer the wrong way and using the wrong shade

Do you use a concealer which is way lighter than your skin tone? Do you apply it in the shape of  moon underneath your eyes? If yes, then I’m afraid you’re doing it wrong. To cover up under eye circles you should be using a peach/ light orange shade of concealer. It helps to counteract the dark circles since orange is the opposite of blue/purple in the color wheel. “Color Correction” is the operative word here. Also, concealer should be applied in a downward triangle shape under your eyes, extending to your cheeks, the sides of your nose and toward your cheekbones. That will give your face an instant lift. You shouldn’t rub your concealer to blend it, you should pat it gently with your ring or middle finger.

3. Going nuts with blush/bronzer

This make up mistake is everywhere and I just don’t get why. An over bronzed/blushed face never looks flattering. It should be very subtle. Take a brush, dip it into the product (don’t rub it), tap it a little to dust off the excess and then apply. When using stick or cream bronzer and blush, don’t forget to blend it well.

4. Over drawing and over tweezing your eyebrows

Isn't Cara Delevigne gorgeous? Gotta love her lush brows. 

Over tweezed eyebrows are so 90s. Now, it’s all about the big brows. And even if you’re not blessed with lush brows, you don’t need to overdo it. Use a brow mascara a shade or two lighter than your natural brows. Use a brow comb or brush to separate the hair. That way they’ll look super natural and not too stark.

5. Applying liquid foundation the wrong way

Contrary to popular belief, liquid foundation should be applied in downward or a stippling motion. Upward strokes cause the hair in your face to stand and trust me, you do not want to look like a kiwi!

6. Way too much gloss

Super glossed lips are a major pet peeve of mine. Not to mention how annoying it is when our hair gets glued to our lips every now and then. We are not in 2004 people. #TeamMatteLips all the way.

7. Mismatched face and neck

As important it is to use the correct shade of foundation to match your face and body, it is also important to blend your makeup down to your neck. I've probably lost count of the number of times i've seen ladies committing this blunder of only touching up their face and ignoring their neck and as a result, a visible line of foundation ending at their jawline is pretty much evident. *cringes*

8. Wearing dark lip liner with lighter lipstick

This trend was major in the 90's. Can we please leave it buried there. There are better 90's trends to revive. Just not this. Thank you.

9. Wearing the wrong eyeshadow for your eyes

Blue eyes + blue eye shadow never works. Not even Taylor Swift can sell them to me. No sir.

Makeup helps to bring out your best features. If your best features are your eyes, you'd want to wear colors and shadows which complement them, not match them. For blue eyes, try brown, deep gold and copper eyeshadows and for brown eyes, try blue, green and purple shades. But remember, keep it simple and blend your eyeshadow well. 

10. Wearing too much makeup

When it comes to makeup. Balancing is key. If you're going for dramatic eyes, keep your lips simple and vice versa. An also, go easy on the foundation. A cakey face never looks attractive. Never. 

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