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October 19, 2015

To say we are super excited would be an understatement! One of the most highly anticipated collaborations, Balmain x H&M collection lookbook has finally been released (It's about time!). It certainly lives up to the hype and how! 

The collection is exactly what we expect from Balmain and love - the signature embellished, textured, sequinned and elaborately embroidered dresses, oversized coats and pants in all its glory. The collection also includes some awesome and super stylish menswear designs (view men's collection lookbook here), accessories like wide waist clinching belts, over the knee boots, chandelier earrings, clutches, headphones and a limited edition fragrance (launches 5th December). 

The outfits mirror Balmain's runway collections which means we get the same gorgeous outfits at a fraction the the price. Can I hear a collective"Hallelujah"? :D I for one, am super impressed by the collection. I absolutely love elaborate designs and have a soft spot for sequins and embellishments. This collection is right up my alley! 

This is probably one of the best H&M collabs I've ever come across and also the priciest! However, For the price point, they are actually delivering the same craftsmanship and designs that the luxury brand is known for - unapologetically over the top, exaggerated and glamorous. LOVE LOVE LOVE! 

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The collection screams "PARTY" and releases just in time for the holiday season on 5th November 2015 in stores worldwide and online. 

Save the date lovelies, cuz' this collection is a winner and will be sold out before you can say "Olivier Rousteing" (pronounced: oh-liv-ee-aye rhoos-tain). He's Creative Director of Balmain, for those of you living under a rock.

View the entire lookbook below with the prices:

Coat: $549
Dress: &149
Belt: $129
Earrings: $34.99 (same in green)

Skirt: $99
Top: $99 (same in green)
Shoes: $199 
Belt: $199

Jacket: $399
Pants: $99
Clutch: $199

Dress: $299
Necklace: $99
Bracelet: $79.99
Belt: $129

Dress: $499

Dress: $199
Belt: $99

Dress (left): $149
Dress (right):
Bag (right): $299
Fur coat: $149 (same in red)
Pants(right): $399

Dress: $549
Shoes: $349

Fur coat: $129
Top(right): $99
Pants(right): $129 (same in green)

Top: $129
All rings: $17.99 

Top (left): $129 (same in silver)
Top (right): $129 (same in yellow)

Dress: $649

Coat: $249

Blazer (left): $129
Blazer (right): $199
Clutch: $149

Skirt: $59
Top (left): $59
Pants: $99
Top (right): $69
Coat (right): $149
Bracelet(left): $59.99
Belt (right): $59.99

Vest (left): $129
Black Coat (right): $99

Dress (left): $69
Coat(left): $199
Dress (right): $199

Top: $499
All rings: $17.99 

Top: $129
Pants: $399
Bag: $299

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Your thoughts on the collection? 

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